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We have invested in high quality cleaning equipment enabling us to tackle all your commercial cleaning needs in our areas of expertise, working efficiently and providing a full service with the minimum of inconvenience to yourselves and your Business. We have experience in working in many different environments such as schools, residential care homes, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment venues and large busy commercial offices and can cater our services to your exact needs and requirements.

Commercial Window Cleaning
We use the Reach and Wash System enabling us to clean windows, sills, frames, cladding and fascias using Poles and pure water up to a height of about 70 feet. The use of ladders is eliminated and all operators work from the safety of the ground. For more bespoke cleaning we use a variety of high level access equipment.
Commercial Pressure Washer
We can clean all types of surfaces from patio areas to large car parks using our high powered commercial jet and pressure washing machinery. The removal of moss, algae, weeds, oil and dirt is carried out quickly with the minimum of disruption, restoring the surface to its original state and enhancing the appearance of your entrance way and surrounding areas.
Gum-graffiti removal
Gum and graffiti can damage the whole
appearance of your property and Business. Using our specialised machinery and equipment we can remove all gum and graffiti quickly and safely restoring surfaces to their original state.
Carpet Cleaning
We have invested in the latest carpet cleaning equipment so we can tailor our clean to the type of carpet you have using hot water extraction or a dry chemical compound such as Host, Bonnet Buff or Dry Foam. We complete a full survey before cleaning commences to determine the most appropriate clean to give you the best result possible.
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